About Us

Night Angels is a fresh, young and quirky brand of sleepwear that believes in bringing out the comfiest yet stylish set of pyjamas that not only gives you comfort but also tells a story.

It is entirely handmade, finest quality fabrics, personally styled sleepwear that is
several notches up from anything that one has experienced before in the
Indian market. Now describe your mood with vibrant prints, colours and designs brought to you by Night Angels By PC.Ā 

We are proud to be MADE IN INDIAšŸ‡®šŸ‡³

Parina Chugh and Punya Chugh, (co-founders, entrepreneurs and sisters) believes that Night Angels by PCĀ scores
big for girl power, because it believes it's for that every hipster, lady, diva,
woman and goddess out there.

So for all the lovely peopleĀ out there, snooze your alarms and get into your stylish yet comfy pyjamas, let your pjs do all the talking for you.šŸ¤©